Honing your Craft: Education & Enrichment should never end.

With most jobs comes some sort of training. You might be required to attend a mandatory workshop, shadow another employee, and be under a probationary period even. In most careers a college degree or certification becomes essential and you cannot even apply for a job without a bachelor’s or even master’s degree. And of course, the more training you have, the more valuable you are due to your proficiency and level of expertise potentially rising to the top of your field.

Jobs we have to make ends meet aren’t typically ones we are willing to devote much time to for training as it won’t really affect your success. These are the jobs that truly feel like work to us. The sort of work we aren’t passionate about but do to survive. Ideally you want to have a job that isn’t work you dread doing and in order to make this a success you will have to be highly skilled in your field. This is where those years of school and that degree comes in handy. Those who tend to be the most successful will even continue their training beyond what may be required both showing discipline and perseverance.

As a Pro Domme, Kinkster, or Fetishist offering services online, the more you know the more successful you will ultimately be. Those who have spent years in this industry make this pretty clear as with their experience they have more knowledge and a better understanding of what’s required to continue being successful. So for those starting, educating yourself on the fundamentals of what you are becoming engaged in is crucial.

I can pretty much confidently say that those who do not make an effort to learn about BDSM and spend time researching will not see the results they expected and last maybe a few months tops. Of course there are some who get lucky but there’s only so many spots for that.

BDSM is a lifestyle and an element of many people’s lives so much so that it’s a part of their identity. Those seeking out experiences from a Professional will expect that person to have a thorough understanding and it be natural for them to provide. Of course you can adopt a “character” but many will see through that and the rate of repeat clients will be incredibly minimal. You probably also won’t have many willing to pay very much for your rates as they will feel the experience isn’t genuine because well, you are faking it.

Being knowledgeable and educated about fetishes, kinks, and how dominance works is probably the biggest determining factor in your success in this industry. It is sadly very underrated and undervalued due to the misunderstanding this is all easy money. For someone that this is a passion and a true interest learning more and continuing to perfect and hone your craft will be pursued. Doing research, talking to educators in the lifestyle and known figures of the BDSM community will advance you so far in your understanding and thus the quality of what you offer because you will understand what you offer.

There are so many that do not realize the importance and value of researching things like “where do fetishes come from?” “why are powerful men submissive?” or “why do most women identify as submissive?” These were things I’d google due to my genuine curiosity and I realized that my understanding of Kink made me way more skilled as a Dominant.

Most know that I am a lifestyle Domme. My desired relationship involves power exchange and taking on the dominant role. Since I am attracted to (mostly) men role reversal becomes a kink naturally. As I learned more about myself and became more self aware I noticed that the clients I was attracting were drawn to that confidence and eager to have an experience with someone they felt truly embodied what they were looking for. More often than not these clients even enjoyed spending (paid) “vanilla” time with me as well as wanting to have my guidance.

Even if you are not a lifestyle Kinkster and perhaps just enjoy it in the bedroom being educated and informed on what you are wanting to offer will make all the difference. There are excellent resources out there as well as educators offering classes, seminars, webinars, and one on one mentoring. Earlier this evening I attended a webinar called “The Art of Ownership” by Sinclair Sexsmith. This is something I am informed about and understand however hearing it from different people and presented in different ways will make it so that you can accommodate and provide even more levels of experience.

So make an conscious effort to partake in a class, seminar, or workshop in the next couple of weeks. If you have a hard time finding one Kink Academy has video series on Basic to Advanced subjects with many of them offered without being a member of the site. (Although I find it worth it to join). From that one effort notice how much more insight you will have into both yourself and your work which, hopefully, isn’t work but a passion you are eager to become an expert in and establish yourself as not only valuable, but priceless.

Visit Kink Academy at http://www.kinkacademy.com
Visit Sinclair Sexsmith at http://www.sugarbutch.net

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